How to Build and Maintain Access to Your Woodlot

Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
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Third Branch Horse Logging will be offering a series of four free woodlot tours, starting Saturday 7/24/21 from 9 AM - 12 PM. This first session will be a primer for woodlot owners, foresters, and loggers on how to put in and maintain woodlot access to meet multiple short and long term goals, including timber management, recreation, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration/storage, and more. We will be examining in detail the economics of building quality trails, with particular emphasis given to the pros and cons of trail construction as part of a timber harvest. Short and long term advantages/disadvantages of different types of trail construction will be highlighted, as we walk more than a mile of recently renovated woodlot trail built with a small excavator and tractor. This workshop is designed to provide useful information for owners, foresters, and loggers of all types, though we will be primarily focused on permanent trail networks that promote a truly low-impact management approach. Any interested members of the public are also welcome to come for a walk in the woods. All 4 woodlot tours will take place at 652 Stony Brook Road Northfield, VT 05663. There will be more information coming on FPF on the August, September, and October tours. Each tour will be outside, rain or shine, with plenty of accessible parking. There is not an easily accessible bathroom facility on site, so folks should make pit stops before arriving. Also, there is no cell service on our property, though participants are encouraged to bring a phone or other camera to take pictures of what they see during the tours. All types of folks are welcome, but the walking will be uphill in certain sections of the 1.3 mile trail. Kids are encouraged to attend, but please leave all dogs and other pets at home. Each tour will end at the saw mill on site so folks can see how we turn roundwood into lumber, and boards and slabs will be offered for sale. Should anyone need more information, please call or text Brad at 802-345-7488.
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