Patrick Ross and the Fiddler's Crew at Farr's Hill

Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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Event Description: 
I'm sure looking forward to catching Patrick Ross and the Fiddler's Crew at Farr's Hill (24 Elm St., Randolph) this Saturday. I first heard Patrick at the New World Festival in 2008, and I was struck by the lyricism and expressiveness of his fiddle playing. But this show won't be all fiddle music. Patrick sings, plays acoustic and electric guitar, cello, banjo, and mandolin. The whole thing will be backed by a full drum kit. The bassist also plays trumpet. I'm expecting to some dancing, some sitting back and smiling, a lot of musical variety. And (fingers-crossed) some great weather! Tickets are available through the Chandler website ( or at the gate with "pay what you can" pricing. So, free show if that's what you need, or an opportunity to hear some great music and support Chandler at the same time if you are so inclined and able.
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